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Why you should plan projects

Planning your steps can feel pretty boring. You do the mental work of simulating your system as if you’re there - the smells, the emotions, the pounding heart beat. It feels real, but it’s all a mirage. It’s a ruse that still ends up taxing your faculties and exhausting you.

So why do we still do this?
For one, you get better at planning the more you do it.

Planning out how you you’ll accomplish your projects and chores helps you get them done quicker. This frees you up to do more of your hobbies, makes you feel accomplished, and allows you to do even more.

Embarking on a project without a plan is relying on hope.

Hope is a terrible thing to rely on if you have deadlines and expectations riding on a project You don’t want to hope you’re getting it right, you want to know you’re getting it right.

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