Projects I've Worked On


A Behavior-Change Tool For Hypertension Patients

Health-Tech Mobile App


Redesign of the Philip Johnson Colloqium Poster

Information Architecture Vis. Design


Photo and Video Messaging For Digital Natives

Social Media Mobile App Concept


A Distance-Based Interactive News-Reader

Interface Design Web-App


A Gaze-Activated Keyboard

Eye-Tracking Cross-Platform App


A Haptic-Navigation Vest

Haptic Interface Wearables


A Mixed-Reality educational game for learning physics

Tangible UI Educational Game design

EarthShake is a mixed reality game that teaches children how to build stable structures by having them experiment with gravitational forces on objects they create. Children use lego blocks to build structures that are analyzed using a Kinect depth camera and a specialized computer vision algorithm to help children learn physics. More details and images coming soon.


An Interactive Gardening Magazine

Tech Gardening Digital Magazine

Rooted is a digital gardening magazine for people associated with the do-it-yourself movement. The magazine explores topics, tools, and methods that lie within the intersection of technology and gardening. This Ipad Magazine was created for the Interaction Design Fundamentals class at Carnegie Mellon University. More details and images coming soon.